The first leg of the annual CrossFit Games is right around the corner.  Each year more and more people sign up to compete in the worldwide Open.  Most of us know that there’s no way that we’ll advance beyond the Open, yet we sign up anyway.  We’re CrossFitters, after all.  If we were runners, we’d sign up for 5k’s and 10k’s.

We have a special tradition here at CrossFit Regeneration when we do the Open.  It’s called Project Teamwork, and it’s an absolute blast!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to communicate with some degree of clarity how it works and why you should do it.  Hold on tight, this will be a little long…

First of all, to play, you have to be signed up for the Open.  So, if you haven’t done that yet click HERE. There’s a spot on the right side of the screen to register.  Make sure you are part of CrossFit Regeneration.

Next, we’ll randomly assign you to one of four teams.  If you’re already signed up, we’ll let you know what team you’re on Saturday 2/14.

So starting 2/15, you’ll start earning points for your team.  (There are a lot of ways to get points!)  I’ll detail that out below.  The winning team not only earns bragging rights in the gym, but also will be featured as our Facebook page cover photo and on our website, in addition to some other yet to be determined “Perks” of winning.


Like I said, there are many ways to earn points for your team and only a handful are related to your actual performance in the workouts.

Recruiting week (2/14-2/21) – Everyone already signed up before 2/14 will be put on a team and will earn *5 points for their team for every person they convince to sign up for the Open (those people will also be randomly assigned to a team).  There is the potential for a TON of points here! Note, that person must reference who referred them in order for the points to be assigned.  We’ll use the whiteboard in the gym to note this.  Peer pressure is your friend here!

Blast off week (2/21-2/26) – This is where the teams take on their own individual identity.  You’ll come up with a team name, create a mascot, begin taking pictures or videos for Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #ProjectTW2015, and put in orders for your team jersey (we have a sweet design and will have forms on hand until 2/26. If you miss out on some of these things, you won’t be able to earn points for your team throughout the Open.  For example, there are bonus points for wearing your team jersey.
* Having a team mascot will earn your team 10 points
* Buying the shirt will earn your team 5 points per person

Ongoing (2/21-3/30) – Throughout the Open, you’ll be able to earn points for your teams in the following ways.

Performance – Each week, we’ll use the Games leaderboard to determine the top three men and women from both the RX and Scaled division.
* 1st place earns 3 points
* 2nd place earns 2 points
* 3rd place earns 1 point

WOD Reveal – Each Thursday at 8:00pm, starting 2/26, will be the time when everyone finds out what the workout will be.  It’s a super exciting time, and we want to make it more fun for everyone.  We’ll find out what the workout is, watch some famous CrossFitters do the workout immediately after the announcement, and then we’ll have our own showdown here as pre-selected and voluntary members from our gym will do the workout.  This will be a party and we want it to feel like a party, so you can earn a point for your team by showing up to the reveal dressed up in character.  Each week the teams will be assigned a theme.  Week 1 (2/26) will be as follows.
* Red team – Jocks
* Black team – Preps
* Gray team – Nerds
* Blue team – Goths
We’ll tell you the rest of the weeks at the reveal on the week prior.

Social Media –  Using Facebook and Instagram is your friend here.  Content must be related to the CrossFit Open experience as a member at CrossFit Regeneration in order to earn points.
* Pictures: Each Picture earns 1 point.  Just post a picture with the hashtag #ProjectTW2015 (Limit one per person per day).
* Videos: Each Video earns 2 points.  Just make sure you hashtag #ProjectTW2015. (Limit one per person per day).

Saturdays – Throughout the Open, we will do the weekly workout on Saturdays.  It will be our programmed WOD and instead of having classes, we’ll just run heats all morning starting at 9:00am until everyone has had a chance to get a score.
* Merely showing up on Saturday earns your team 1 Point
* If you wear your jersey on Saturday, you earn your team a bonus 1 Point
NOTE:  If you cannot make it on Saturdays, we understand, but we cannot give you points.  But, you can still get a score for the Open as long as you submit it before Mondays at 8:00pm

Final Notes – At the end of the Open, we’ll take the top 8 Men and Women from the RX division and host our own in house competition called “Regionals Lite”.  So, do your best!
Also, we need a few co-captains to help lead and organize the teams, so if you’re interested, let us know.  We’ll randomly assign you to a team.

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