Bright Spots Friday!

Bright Spot Friday

By Charlie Sims

Alright, you guys, I want to introduce a concept to you guys and hope that you’ll join me in it.

They say there’s strength in numbers, or something like that. And it’s difficult to lead when nobody is around to follow, and visa-versa…

So, I’d like to give you guys a tool that I’ve found incredibly useful in helping to move my progress, not only as an athlete, but also as a husband, father, businessman, and leader.

It comes from the power of a strong community.

Sometimes when my own progress is stalled for one reason or another, being the pragmatist that I am, I’m tempted to think that what I’m doing isn’t working. I need to work harder, do more, change something.

I’m probably wrong.

Growth almost never happens in a linear manner. It lurches. And it’s likely that on any given day at least one of our members is feeling stalled in some way, shape, or form.

They plateau in a lift. They feel stuck in their job. Maybe they’re just generally discouraged about life in general. And they’re tempted to think that they need to jump ship, or make a drastic change.

That would probably be wrong.

So, what I’m proposing is to put to use the power of our incredible community. You guys are awesome, and you need a sounding board for the rest of us to celebrate your accomplishments, and to be inspired toward our own.

The rising tide lifts all ships. Or something like that.

We’re calling it “Bright Spots Friday” or BSF for short, and every Friday, I’d love for our Community Group on Facebook to be littered with highlights that you’ve achieved throughout the week. It may be CrossFit related, or not. It doesn’t matter. Just know that your growth is our growth, and we love to see it happen!

So I’ll start. My BSF this week has been that even though my shoulder/back is a little janky and has prevented me from my normal training, I’ve conquered a beast that’s been haunting me for over 5 years of CrossFitting. I’ve done 5 days of walking lunges. 400 meters of lunges just about every day this week. I started out so sore that I didn’t know if I could continue, but by now, it’s become just another day.

This may seem small, and it probably is. But, it’s huge to me and I want you guys to enjoy my victory with me.

What is your BSF?

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