My CrossFit Journey – Day 2

My CrossFit Journey Series

Have you been hesitant to come give CrossFit a try?  Back in 2015, our guest writer, Hayli, wanted to share her unfiltered experience and was kind enough to document her first month with us at CrossFit Regeneration. What follows are her words. You can read all of her posts here. Originally posted on her website.

My editor warned me right after my workout, my body may not be sore. And possibly not even the day after that. But the second day, I will definitely feel something. No matter what past HIIT and Tabata-timed workouts I’ve done.

She was right. Two days after my first WOD at CrossFit Regeneration, it hurts to laugh and my thighs are definitely feeling the affects of doing squats correctly. But I like soreness. I appreciate it. It makes me know that I actually benefitted from a workout.

Between classes, each member in the Foundation for Fitness class was sent an email with a bit of homework.

Having just graduated college, the word ‘homework’ still leaves an unfavorable taste. The homework, however, is typically just reading a short article or watching a video to understand the movements better.

In “Consistency before Intensity,” author Scott Semple reminds CrossFitters that the WOD is for the fittest of the fit, and scaling is encouraged.

My experience in playing with and against only boys on the coed soccer team made me feel a need to prove myself worthy and strong enough to “fit in” or simply play. I wanted to do the WOD as prescribed (which I now know is referred to as an Rx Athlete in CrossFit slang) and as fast as I could, simply to prove myself. But not even the fittest of the fit can do each WOD, as prescribed. We should push ourselves to do as much as we can, but not to the point of injuring ourselves to where we can never to anything ever again.


Today, as I got to the Box, everyone seemed more comfortable around each other. We asked each other’s professions, family life, current events, etc. We were building community.

Before our WOD, we met in the 3rd Place again and discussed midline stabilization.

And, of course, Charlie asked us to define CrossFit again, which I had already forgot.

CrossFit (n) [Cross-Fit]: constantly varied functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.

Midline stabilization is something that is essential to CrossFit. It’s the space, connecting your top half (torso) to your bottom half (legs): the midline. And that’s where the bar should be stable in power position, or the position you get into before you lift something really heavy.

It’s one thing to talk about midline stabilization, but it’s another to actually experience it. After we talked, Charlie led us into the Box to practice deadlifts.

I have a confession. This was going to be my first time lifting a bar. Like, at all. As I mentioned in my Day 1 blog, all of my fitness has previously been for endurance. I’ve ran, lunges, ab exercises, etc. things for agilities. But again, never weightlifting.

We started with deadlifts using a PVC pipe, and finding the correct power stance and squat to pick up the bar. I so appreciate this practice. Not only did it make the bar seem less intimidating. It was an easy way to warm up and become friends with the bar. Definitely an on-ramp experience.

After practicing deadlifts and becoming more comfortable with them, our WOD called for partners. I still did not know these people super well, let alone have someone else watch me sweat a ton.

WOD 8-minute AMRAP (CrossFit slang for As Many Reps as Possible)
Shuttle Sprint
7 Deadlifts
7 Burpees

You’d think a workout lasting 8 minutes wouldn’t be terrible. But burpees.

Like push-ups, you had to lie completely on the floor, pick your hands up, and then jump up. Unlike my classmates, however, I loved burpees. They reminded me of the agility training I had previously done. And they weren’t as intimidating as picking up the bar.

But the partner WOD helped create even more of that community. Now, my partner and I would cheer each other on, as well as others we would see out of our peripherals.

I felt like a boss afterward. I lifted a heavy barbell. Heck, I lifted a barbell at all. And we all sweated and learned something together. There’s no better sense of accomplishment.

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