TNP Episode 5 – Physical Tips For Success in CrossFit (Part 1)

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Show Notes

Defining success as longevity within fitness and a healthy lifestyle

  • Can I maintain this lifestyle long term and stick with it?
  • Can I achieve the goals I originally set?
  • Sometimes the answer is simple and obvious (but not necessarily easy).

Tip 1: Get more sleep

  • Make sure you have a habit of sleeping a lot.
  • Have the same sleep and wake times each day.
  • Minimally, 6 hours of sleep per night.
  • Recommended, 8 or 9 hours of sleep.
  • Start winding down to settle your body down to get ready for sleeping (praying and thunderstorms help).
  • Put down your electronic device before you go to bed ( because they make it harder for you to fall asleep.
  • Make good choices outside of the gym in the other 23 hours.
  • Big rocks ( and Charlie’s Iron Man bicycle (law of diminishing returns).
  • Sleep may be the biggest rock.

 Tip 2: Make your nutrition your fitness foundation

  • Coach Glassman’s pyramid ( on page 8)
  • Nutrition is the foundation of the pyramid.
  • CF Regeneration coaches Moira and Kari can help to answer specific food questions you have.
  • CrossFit food prescription: meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, a little starch and no sugar.
  • Try for an A+ but get a B+ with your nutrition (it’s okay to have some bad foods once a week).
  • Be open to trying new things and changing routines (e.g. eating more veggies, food prepping, eating less sugar, etc.).
  • Simplify your meal routines (Charlie has the exact same healthy meals for breakfast and lunch) to limit your variables.
  • Tim Ferris and daily rituals (
  • Coach Moira’s ( advice on cheat meals: Make it a meal that you value and treasure. Don’t waste it on McDonalds.

Tip 3: Your Mobility

  • Mobility is having comfortable range of motion in our joints for all the range of motion we want to do.
  • Don’t need to be a circus dancer (or a magician’s assistant). Just need to be able to do things like an overhead squat, comfortably.
  • In the CF Regeneration gym there’s ample equipment & opportunity to learn how to stretch and mobilize.
  • Our bodies were made to overcome disfunction to complete a task at the risk of doing it in an unsafe or unhealthy way.
  • The wire hanger analogy: we want to put our bodies into good positions so our joints won’t break down.
  • Barbell Shrugged: How to Identify Deficiencies, Imbalances & Weaknesses w/ Julien Pineau (
  • The driving analogy: driving impaired is like exercising with poor mobility.
  • Be aware of your muscle imbalances. Know where you’re weaker and try to address them.
  • Coach Zach is a great resource for mobility (


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