TNP Episode 13 – Focus on Community: An interview with Shawna McCarthy

Top Notch Podcast > Episode 13 – Focus on Community: An interview with Shawna McCarthy

Show Notes

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Charlie and John sit down with Shawna and talk about her long experience with CrossFit, including:

  • Newer gym members look up to members who have been at this since the beginning.
  • Shawna started out as a runner but got introduced to CrossFit-like workouts and really liked it.
  • Her and a friend came to Regeneration and signed up on the very first day (after some cool pull-up coaching from KoPo).
  • Took about a year and a half to get comfortable with all of the movements and felt good, but she enjoyed every workout before that.
  • She kept showing up and consistently did all the workouts.
  • Before CrossFit, Shawna had low self-confidence and didn’t feel outgoing. After CrossFit she felt confident and could talk to almost anyone.
  • She looked up to Coach Moira and told herself “one day I want to be like her”. After 3 years she’s really close (and she’s still progressing and improving).
  • Shawna’s made working out a normal part of her daily life. A lot of her friends are at Regeneration so they help keep her accountable.
  • She got her CrossFit Level 1 certification to coach the intro class at CrossFit Riverport (then CrossFit Regeneration Southwest). She still loves to coach but it doesn’t work into her schedule.
  • Shawn’s goals going forward are to get faster with her movements in CrossFit.
  • She feels like the general CrossFit community has gotten much bigger and better in the last 3 years.
  • CrossFit Regeneration has always been home away from home for Shawna, but it has grown and become very diverse (and the new gym is awesome).

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