Kill Your Goat!

Kill your goat!

By Charlie Sims

Once I realized that CrossFit was a thing, I became obsessed. I’d been a CrossFitter for about 5 months before I became aware of the fact I was actually doing CrossFit. A buddy of mine snuck it into my life as a trojan horse cleverly disguised as something called Brass Ring Fitness. But once I discovered it’s effectiveness and the reality that I had been doing CrossFit, I became obsessed with learning as much as I possible could about it. I read articles and watched videos. I discussed the implications and applications with my small group of buddies doing CrossFit with me.

CrossFit’s focus on General Physical Preparedness (GPP) was a refreshing drink of water compared the boring and monotonous endurance world of triathlon and running that I had recently come out of. And I became convinced that the path to real fitness was a targeted pursuit of becoming the “Jack of All Trades”.

Compared with a specialist. CrossFit training helps the athlete excel in many fields. Whereas the endurance athlete is, generally speaking, and by definition, good only at endurance, and the powerlifter is good only at lifting extremely heavy weights, to name a few specialists. The CrossFitter will have adequacy with both of those abilities and more (though not to the degree of either specialist).

We’re ok with this. In fact, it’s our goal to “specialize in not specializing”!

Here’s the problem. Most of us, when it comes down to it, are either naturally gifted with some things or just enjoy certain elements more than others.

We call those “Others” our “Goats”. They’re the things that we’re either relatively bad at, or generally don’t like to do, usually both. They’re our weaknesses. And it’s our Goats that keep us from enjoying the best possible fitness.

Here’s a test. Answer honestly. What workout/exercises would you feel most tempted to skip? Or if you were tested, what workout/exercises would you feel most embarrassed about? They’re simple but very revealing questions to answer. Whatever came to mind, is likely your Goat, or one of your Goat(s).

So, now that you know what your Goat(s) are, it’s time to address them. And the way I see it, you have three options. All valid.

1) Regular, consistent, and unbiased participation in our CrossFit program. We have a balanced program focused on GPP. Don’t cherry pick your days based on the workout. Just come consistently, put in the work, and get better.

2) Utilize Open Gym to work on addressing your specific Goats. Come in early, or stay late and put in work. If you want a little direction, feel free to schedule a 30 minute session with one of our coaches.

3) Learn to be o.k. with your Goats. Believe me, I understand hating certain exercises/workouts, and sometimes it’s hard to make yourself do them. But the reason they’re called “Goats” is because they’ll end up embarrassing you at some point.

The statement “You’re only as strong as your weakest link” is a neon sign pointing you toward your Goats. So get to the gym and pick up that barbell, or get to the park and start pounding pavement! Maybe it’s your food that you need to get organized? Sleep? What’s your weakest link? Don’t let it embarrass you!

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