TNP Episode 14 – Peak Behind the Curtain: An interview with coach & gym co-owner, Korey Powell

Top Notch Podcast > Episode 14 – Peak Behind the Curtain: An interview with coach & gym co-owner, Korey Powell

Show Notes

Sponsored by the CrossFit Regeneration Fall Seminar Series and the Bros, Barbells & Bourbon event.

Charlie and John sit down with Korey to talk about how he got started in CrossFit, when he decided to become a CrossFit coach and how he transitioned to a co-owner of the gym, which includes:

  • How did he get the nickname “KoPo”?
  • Before CrossFit, Korey played semi-professional basketball. Basketball was all he knew prior to doing CrossFit.
  • Korey wishes he knew about the movements and exercises in CrossFit while playing basketball because it would’ve made him a much better player.
  • He suffered from patellar tendonitis while playing basketball, but since doing CrossFit and fixing his mechanics and building strength in his legs he’s had no pain.
  • His lifetime of bad posture caught up with him and Korey began to experience pain in his back. So he had to go back to basics with movements like the squat to fix his fundamentals. Now he’s squatting weights pain free in his back that were heavier before his back issues started.
  • The “snatch press” in the 2013 CrossFit Open and things Korey struggled with early on in CrossFit.
  • Korey found that CrossFit’s variety helped stimulated his ADHD condition much more than a Globogym.
  • The community and workout buddies have kept him coming back to the gym consistently.
  • The November 2012 Garage Games competition taught Korey that he had much more to learn about CrossFit.
  • He realized he wanted to become a CrossFit coach when he could see fixing the same mistakes he had been making mechanically.
  • Korey got his CrossFit Kids and Level 1 Certification at CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, TN, and had a great experience.
  • Charlie and Korey started talking about doing a kids program at CrossFit Regeneration.
  • Korey saw a need for kids physical fitness in general and in the Louisville area and wanted to provide a better way for kids and teens to get fit.
  • After leaving a gig as a program director for another local sports program, Korey and Charlie accelerated the process for adding the kids and teens programming into Regeneration.
  • With the early success in the kids and teens programs, Charlie and Korey began talking about becoming business partners and growing the gym together.
  • Korey has helped the gym flex with the changes that CrossFit has experienced in the last few years.
  • Charlie, Korey and the rest of the Regeneration staff are working hard to make the gym the best it can be for its members.

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