TNP Episode 16 – Focus on Community: an interview with Robin Berry

Top Notch Podcast > Episode 16 – Focus on Community: an interview with Robin Berry

Show Notes

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Charlie and John sit down with Robin to talk about her experiences over the last few years at the gym and with the community at CrossFit Regeneration, including:

  • Robin’s always been an athlete since high school playing volleyball and tennis but she went a long time without being very active.
  • She tried a bootcamp after doing some walking & jogging events in January 2012 and discovered CrossFit soon after that.
  • Robin trusts CrossFit Regeneration with her health, mobility and fitness.
  • She has learned to modify things to fit her fitness level to keep consistently progressing and avoid injuries.
  • Robin has grown close with many people in the gym community and loves seeing familiar faces when she comes in to workout.
  • Robin and Kathy at the CrossFit Riverport Hydro Throwdown.
  • She’s learned to make her CrossFit workouts a part of her day and can get through it much easier now than when she first started.
  • If she could go back and give herself advice when she first started she’d say “just show up and be consistent.”
  • Robin feels like she’s evolved as the gym at CrossFit Regeneration evolved.

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