TNP Episode 21 – Focus on Community: An Interview with Jketa Wilford, a Catalyst Athlete

Top Notch Podcast > Episode 21 – Focus on Community: An Interview with Jketa Wilford, a Catalyst Athlete

Show Notes

Charlie and John sit down with Catalyst program athlete, Jketa Wilford, to discuss overcoming struggles & finding time to make yourself better with Crossfit, including:

  • Jketa first discovered Regeneration via the ever-popular Groupon that Charlie ran.
  • She liked her first class but she was horrible at it.
  • Jketa is very reserved and isn’t talkative so starting the first few classes were really tough for her.
  • After her first 8 weeks she couldn’t stay committed to CrossFit, pick a regular class and deal with all the other things taking up time in her life.
  • Jketa started her first comeback to CrossFit Regeneration by trying 5am class, but that wouldn’t stick either.
  • When Charlie started the Foundations For Fantastic Fitness class ( she decided to do it and immediately loved the connection she had with people in that class.
  • She figured out pretty quickly that the weightlifting part came easy for her, but the cardio was pretty rough.
  • Friends from class kept her accountable but she started cherry-picking the workouts to avoid cardio.
  • Even though she has a collegiate soccer background, she figured out she really loved weightlifting and being an athlete.
  • Although Jketa really enjoyed the 9:30am class and community, life got in the way again so she quit.
  • After Charlie reached out to her about the new Catalyst program (, she decided to give it a go because she figured it would help her with cardio, the area that’s most difficult for her.
  • Coach Korey pushed her in the Catalyst to push herself which helped her build confidence.
  • Running a mile without stopping for Jketa was a big goal and with the help Coach Korey and cheering from Emily, she accomplished her goal.
  • Her new goal is to eventually be able to do CrossFit workouts with her son, who’s started doing the CrossFit kids program.
  • She’s been able to bond with her son about workouts in CrossFit.
  • Jketa loves the community at CrossFit Regeneration. It’s so tough for her because she’s so introverted and gets anxious when thinking about talking to people. But people here are so friendly and encouraging it’s helped her come out of her shell a little bit.
  • Jketa’s left this gym 3 times and came back 3 times because of the coaches and people at CrossFit Regeneration.
  • She figured out that you don’t become better and grow unless you make yourself uncomfortable.
  • Her best advice for other people: find time for yourself to make yourself better. CrossFit is her pedicure.
  • CrossFit Regeneration is a safe place to fail. Everyone knows your name and everyone celebrates your PR’s.
  • Jketa believes the hardest part isn’t the workouts, it’s just showing up and being consistent every day.

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