Big Misrepresentation

Big Misrepresentation

Charlie Sims

I love CrossFit. I’ve loved it since my very first workout over 5 years ago. I’ve loved it since before the CrossFit Games were on ESPN.

What is CrossFit?

It used to be that I had to answer that question.. Now, it seems that everyone already knows about CrossFit. They’ve watched the Games on TV. They have a friend who does CrossFit. They’ve spent more than 20 seconds on Facebook.

CrossFit is everywhere. That’s what happens when something works. After all, we’re not bombarded by people pushing us to try the “Thigh-Master” anymore…

But something gets lost in the translation.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.55.21 PMI get it. I’ve been in many CrossFit Gyms, and they look way different than the posh, shiny, glimmering, air-conditioned settings you’ll find in many Globo-gyms. It’s better now, than it was a few years ago, but the average CrossFit gym seems more like a medieval dungeon than a legitimate fitness facility to someone who’s never done it before.

People take their shirts off to show off their six pack abs. You’ll see men and women picking up enormous barbells with huge bumper plates that make them look even heavier than they really are. People finish their workouts and drop to the floor like they got shot. Really loud music. Gymnastics rings. Handstands. It goes on, and on…

I get it. We put off an intimidating image.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 11.21.53 AMBut instead of interpreting that as harsh, mean, and “elite”. I want to encourage you to take a closer look. You’ll notice that most if not every CrossFit gym is loaded with people of varying fitness abilities. You’ll see people in process.

Skinny, Fat, Young, Old, Rich, Poor, Competitive, and Not. They’re all there. And they’re all smiling, and if they’re not, it’s because they’re too busy grunting… They’re clapping and cheering when their friend fights up a heavy squat. They succeed, and they fail. They get discouraged when progress slows, and elated when they hit that next personal record.

Those abs came as a result of effort, determination, self-discipline, and tons of help from a supportive and encouraging community of like minded people. Imagine looking down and seeing a six pack after years of effort. Imagine the pride you’d feel! I think you’d want to take your shirt off too.

I love CrossFit for many reasons, but now that I’m a coach. I think that what I love most about it is the fact that everyone can do CrossFit.

Don’t let that get lost in the translation.

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