CrossFitters Walk Different

CrossFitters Walk Different

By Charlie Sims

I had been doing CrossFit for a little over 6 months. My buddies and I were meeting in Caleb’s garage that we had outfitted with a few pieces of gear. We were, at this point, just doing random CrossFit workouts that we found on YouTube or, and we were slowly becoming obsessed.

I was trying to get a masters degree in Theology at the time, and spent about a zillion hours every week at various coffee shops trying to read books, and write papers. But my new obsession with CrossFit was a bit distracting. So I’d take “study breaks” to read CrossFit Journal articles, or watch coaching videos.

Have you ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon? It’s a brain trick that kicks in when you discover something new or notice something for the first time, and all of the sudden begin to notice it everywhere you go. I never saw Honda Elements (you know, the toaster shaped SUV’s made by Honda) until I bought one. My son Asa named them “Cruck’s” because they’re kinda like a car-truck. But now we see them everywhere! We liked ours so much, we ended up buying a second one for my wife when her car finally died. Why Honda decided to discontinue their production will always be a mystery to me.

Back to Baader-Meinhof. I had worked in fitness for a long time, and I hadn’t ever noticed this new thing known as CrossFit. It was right there all along, but I was blind to it; distracted by other methods. But, wow! Once I discovered it for the first time, I started to see it everywhere!

So, during one of my, likely extended, study breaks at the Starbucks; I noticed a CrossFitter out of the corner of my eye.

Major note of emphasis: This was early 2011. Louisville might have had 300 CrossFitters in the whole city. This was before Reebok. The wave hadn’t hit Louisville yet.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Confidence. I saw a guy walking in with a purpose, and approachability. He didn’t come off as arrogant or off-putting like you get a lot of the time when you run into “Gym Guy“, but in a way that Jason Bourne knew that the guy at the bar weights 215 pounds and knows how to handle himself, I could tell that the guy walking in was one of my people.

So, I had to ask. I couldn’t just sit there wondering.

Ha! He was a coach at one of only two CrossFit gyms in the whole city. We talked for 5 minutes or so, and he gave me his card and invited me and my buddies to come do a couple classes at his gym.

A lot of time has passed since this day, and the number of CrossFitters in Louisville has multiplied exponentially, but I still notice the walk. It happens after an athlete has been drinking the CrossFit kool-aid for about a 2 years. Their capabilities in the gym translate into a humble confidence that comes out in their walk.

Only now, it’s confirmed without the conversation by the Nano’s and Rogue hoodie.

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