I Don’t Have Time!

I don’t have time.

Charlie Sims

I’m sitting here with 30 minutes until my day goes into absolute chaos mode, so I’ll make it quick. I have a sick coach that I’m covering for. I’m already committed to covering for my wife who has been out of town all week. I have my own classes that I’ll be coaching, not to mention my personal training appointments. I need to pick up my boy this afternoon as well as get him ready to greet my wife when her plane arrives.

How am I going to fit a workout in?

It’s funny to think about how this question didn’t even exist not that long ago for me. In days past, I would have looked at a day like today and saw a good excuse to skip my workout.

“I’m too busy for fitness.”

Have you ever said this?

The reality is that I have ample opportunities to capitalize on all these activities to get in a pretty decent workout. I can run with my clients. I can go through the warm-ups for all the classes with the athletes. I definitely have time to squeeze out a quick 1000 meter max effort row or max burpees in 7:00 minutes.

The truth is, we all have time. And my old self would have forgotten this reality and made an excuse about being “too busy.”

That’s what I love about CrossFit. I can get an incredible workout in under 5:00 minutes. Sure, I’d love to workout with my four o’clock class, but if that’s impossible, I can still get fit with just a small piece of floor space, or minimal equipment.

If you think you’re too busy, I want to challenge you to change your mindset, and make the assumption that you’re going to get in a great workout, no matter what. Take responsibility for yourself, and just do something.

Here is a quick list of challenges that you can squeeze in if you’re strapped for time.
No Equipment necessary
Tabata (Intervals of :20 seconds absolute all out effort, followed by :10 seconds rest for 8 sets)
Choose 1 or two:  Burpees, Air Squats, Jumping Lunges, or Thrusters

5:00 As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP)
5 Burpees, 5 Handstand Pushups, 15 Situps

Quick stop at the gym
1000 meter row at all out max effort


30 Clean and Jerks for time

It would be smart to do a quick warmup before doing these short but intense workouts, but the point is that you can find incredible fitness even on the fringes of your schedule. Don’t let the “I don’t have time” excuse rob you of your goals!

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