By Charlie Sims

Do you ever ask yourself why you do what you do?

It seems like a silly question. Of course, I wouldn’t do something if I didn’t have a real and compelling reason…

As someone who likes to think of himself as someone who lives on purpose; after a bit of self reflection, I’ve realized that I do a lot of purposeless, useless, or wasted activity. Or worse, activity that is actually counter-productive to what I’m truly attempting to accomplish.

I’m not here to criticize you for your habits. But I want to encourage you to take a step back and look at what is going on with a skeptics eye. Ask yourself why you’re doing this and that.

Wasting time on purposeless activity is ok when that’s your goal.

My wife and I like The Walking Dead. I’m reading the books, and we watch the show together. We have no productive aim with this practice except to enjoy it together.

I used to enjoy playing Fantasy Football. It was a fun muse that helped me relax.

Until it wasn’t. Until it actually caused me more stress… It became counterproductive to my “why”, and for some reason, it took me years to realize that.

It’s not ok to continue (habitually) doing something that is counterproductive to your actual goals.

Are you trying to connect with people? Cut out the disconnecting practices.

Are you trying to read more? Cut out the television.

Are you trying to get in shape? Cut out the counterproductive practices. Finally! I’m getting to the purpose of this article.

Did you know that Globo gyms are structured in such a way as to actually keep people from succeeding? Their expressed aim is to get as many memberships as possible with zero attendance. That’s why they’ll sell a two year membership for the price of 4 months.

“Thanks for the donation.”

Greg Glassman famously said if the Globo gym had our participation rate, they would crash from over-use.

When I was getting my start as a Personal Trainer, the gym I worked at had over 9,000 members, and I saw the same 250 or so people every day. Where were the other 8,750 people?

Making donations. Counterproductive.

It’s ok to try something. I tried Fantasy Football. But I quit it when I realized it was counterproductive to my goal of relaxing.

It’s ok to try out the low priced Globo Gym. But when you realize that it’s counterproductive to your goals, check out your nearest CrossFit gym.

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