Are you Actually Motivated?

Are you Actually Motivated?

Charlie Sims

This morning, I was scheduled to meet with 24 potential members for a short screening interview that we’re doing for a 6 week challenge starting next Monday.

Seven showed up to their appointment.


The other 17 saw our ad on Facebook, immediately invested at least 15 minutes of their day to watch a short video explaining the program, fill out a questionnaire, and book an appointment with me. But, for some reason, decided not to come.

For 7 of these women, their motivation drove them to take action. They walked through our doors, had their 15 minute interview, and signed up for our program. The rest lost it between Friday and Monday.

On Friday they were convinced that this was just what they were looking for, and were begging to get into the program. On Monday, it’s not even worth enough to call and tell me they weren’t coming.

What happened over the course of 3 days?

Kids got sick. Life got busy. Food tasted too good. Work got more demanding. Etc.

All legitimate.

All excuses.

And yet, we have a couple hundred people who overcome these obstacles, and more every single day.

They plow through every roadblock they encounter with a blind determination to not be deterred. They aren’t willing to let the excuses stand in the way of their happiness. They have decided that their life is their responsibility, and they set the priorities. They won’t be stopped.

So the question is whether or not, you’re actually sufficiently motivated. There’s something about this place that breeds success. The people who actually show up, realize that. They want what our people have.

If you take the time to make an appointment, you’re minimally motivated. Keep the appointment! Who knows, perhaps the culture of motivation we keep here will infect you to the point that you’ll be motivated to take real action toward achieving your goals!

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