Charlie Sims

It’s Monday.

Most people hate Monday’s.

For some reason, Monday represents the drudgery of life. People see the start of their week as walking into some kind of self-induced 5 day long prison sentence.

I am not one of those people.

I love Mondays.

I love that the whole week is laid out in front of me filled with possibilities and potential.

I love the fact that I’m fresh from a weekend of recovery.

I love the anticipation of what may happen this week.

It’s easy to find something to complain about, or to be grumpy over. It’s easy to look around this world and see all the things that are frustrating and broken. It’s easy to let it get to you.

It’s easy to wish away the time, living for the weekend. It’s easy to blaze through the week, putting our heads down and gritting through the monotony.

It’s not easy to look through the eyes of wonder. It’s hard to pay attention. It’s hard to appreciate. It’s hard to be grateful. It takes work to see the beauty and life that’s hidden behind the clouds of your Monday.

It’s worth the effort.

It can change your whole week.

It can change your whole life.

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