Target Practice – Does My Behavior Match My Goals?

Target Practice – Does My Behavior Match My Goals?

Charlie Sims

My dad got a crossbow for his birthday this year. When I saw it, I immediately went into little boy mode. THAT’S SO AWESOME!!! CROSSBOW!!! KILL ZOMBIES!!! It took everything in me to relax and just let him play with his new toy.

We set up the targets, and then started to try and figure out how to work the bow. Somehow Daryl from The Walking Dead makes it look so easy and quick… That wasn’t our experience.

But once we got going, it was more about firing the bolt exactly where we were aiming. That way we wouldn’t lose those expensive arrows!

This got me thinking about goals.

What does a crossbow have to do with goals? I’m glad you asked.

Shoot in the direction of your target.

If my target is fat-loss; and I’m sleeping 4 hours per night, eating Doritos, and sitting on the couch all day, then I’m not just missing a what I’m aiming at, but I’m actively firing in the opposite direction. It’s like I’m aiming at fat gain, not fat loss.

I think it’s important to notice that there is a difference between trying really hard but missing the target, and actively aiming in the opposite direction.

Sometimes we are genuinely trying to do what is best, but our information is bad. Maybe you’ve heard some kind of bro-science about fat-loss (or whatever your target is) and the reason it isn’t working is not because you aren’t trying, but because it’s a bad tactic.

It would be like firing my dad’s crossbow with a bent arrow or a scope that has been knocked out of place a little. Of course I’m gonna miss the target! There’s a lot of bad information out there.

Sometimes, we miss the target because even in our best efforts, we just don’t quite have enough self control, discipline, or will-power to hit the target. It’s not that the information is bad or that we aren’t aiming at the target. All that stuff is on point, we just need the help of a good coach or accountability partner.

Other times, however, we miss because either actively, or passively, we’ve chosen to point our arrow away from the target. We let laziness get the best of us. It feels good to sleep in, or skip the gym. That warm and fresh Krispy Kreame doughnut tastes better than those mixed veggies. Or we just allow other “good” things to crowd our calendar to the point that we just don’t have the opportunity to focus on our health.

Keep in mind that it’s absolutely crucial that we have a clearly defined target. It was abundantly clear if we missed our target because our little arrows went missing. Lost in the hillside somewhere beyond the little colorful bag we were aiming at. There was no such thing as “somewhat”, “kinda”, or “maybe”. We either hit or missed our target.

This becomes a little more complicated with our health and fitness goals. Sometimes, we need to adjust our expectations or even our goals, once we learn more about the reality of what we’re hoping to accomplish. Or maybe half-way in, we decide that something else is more compelling. For example, you may have originally come to CrossFit Regeneration with the hopes of losing 30 pounds, but after a few months of doing CrossFit, you’ve not lost a single pound. Your body, however, is completely transformed. The scale still says the same thing it did before, but you LOVE the transformation. Perhaps your target, though compelling originally, was uninformed. What you really wanted was the body composition changes.

One we have a well informed and clearly defined goal, the point is to evaluate your behaviors in light of your target. Is what you do, moving you closer to your target or farther away? Does that behavior or habit contribute to hitting the target? And depending on your answer, either don’t do it, adjust slightly, or keep it up.

Please let us know if you want a little HELP defining your target or with hitting it. That’s what we do best!

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