What To Do When You’re in a Leaky Boat

What To Do When You’re in a Leaky Boat

Charlie Sims

Imagine yourself in a small boat.

Maybe you’re there with your husband or wife. Or, maybe you’re all alone.

And suddenly, you notice that there’s water coming in.

What do you do?

The way, I see it; you have three options.

Option One
Do nothing. Ignore the problem and hope it goes away on it’s own. After all, sometimes things self-correct. This is likely a poor long-term strategy. Most of the time, they don’t.

Option Two
Grab a bucket, and start bailing water. As long as you can bail faster than the water is coming in, this is an effective method. If it’s about just getting to the shore as quickly as possible, by all means bail, and deal with the problem later. But this also is likely a poor long-term strategy. Fatigue eventually sets in.

Option Three
Find the hole and plug it. Fix the problem before it becomes catastrophic. Short term, this may be a bit risky. But, in the long run, the the water won’t have any way of getting back in without a hole.

We all have “leaky boats”, and life gives us these three options all the time.

– The check engine light.
– Cancer.
– Relationships.
– Debt.
– Health.
– Business.

Option One doesn’t usually fair well.

Option Two “works”, but is unsustainable.

Take the time and find the hole. Plug it. It’s the only long term solution.

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I realize that this is all metaphor.  If you have a real problem and you’d like some perspective from an unbiased third party, I’d love to help.

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