Who Am I Looking At?!

Who am I looking at?

Charlie Sims

My younger brother always makes fun of me for my memory. I can remember certain things as clear as day, but other memories slip away almost completely. He seems to be able to remember the smallest details of experiences we shared when we were little kids. It’s weird. He remembers the date. He remembers the clothes he was wearing. He remembers strange supplementary details like scores of football games happening on the same day. I feel pretty accomplished to remember the experiences and maybe who was President at the time…

That is until a memory comes back to me in a flash. At that point, it’s almost like I’m seeing it on a giant movie screen in my mind.

Last night, we gathered together as a gym for the release of CrossFit Games Open workout 16.4. This is a weekly ritual for us during the Open. Dave Castro, the Director of the CrossFit Games, announces the workout, and immediately afterward, a couple super star Athletes complete the workout. But after we watch that, select members of our gym have a chance of being the main event. It’s exciting, and fun, and it gives our members a chance to be the star at least for one night.

Hollis is a brand new mom to a handsome little boy. She’s strong and confident, yet it blends well with her quiet humility. She is the goal and inspiration to so many people in our gym.

Well, Hollis was one of our competitors throwing down last night at the Reveal Party, going up against 4 men. Each of which deserve to be written about in their own right. But this one is about Hollis.

I couldn’t help but compare the Hollis last night to the one who walked into our gym over 3 years ago. Thanks to my crappy memory, I can’t remember enough of the details from that day to paint a clear picture, but I do remember that one of her first workouts was “Helen”, and consisted of running, pullups and and kettlebell swings. Hollis mostly walked, used our smallest kettlebell, and we had to give her extra bands for her pullups. She walked out discouraged, and almost gave up on CrossFit all together. In fact, she did quit. She quit for at least a few months, but eventually came back to our Foundations class and hasn’t stopped since.

Hollis is different today than she was then. She not only looks completely transformed, but she acts different. We’ve already discussed her humble confidence. But, at least according to me, it seems like she is a much happier person.

16.4 is a 13:00 AMRAP of a long Chipper, and getting through it is a pretty huge accomplishment. It’s 55 Deadlifts at 155 pounds for the women, 55 Wall-Ball Shots, 55 Calories on the rower, and 55 Handstand Push-ups. And Hollis was asking me before if she should do the scaled since she still struggles with Handstand Push-ups. We eventually decided that since she is strong in the Deadlift, that she should give it a shot to see how well she can do.

We saw a competitor. We saw an athlete. We saw a mom. And we saw a friend fight through 55 Deadlifts, 55 Wall Ball shots, and almost 55 Calories on the Rower.

Hollis, You make me proud!

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