The “Secret” of the Snatch

The “Secret” of the Snatch

Charlie Sims

Every month, a new batch of CrossFitters show up to my gym and it’s my privilege and responsibility to ensure that they are adequately educated in safety and efficiency within our CrossFit program. In addition to that, I want them to know the “How’s” and “Why’s” of CrossFit, and what it is that we really do.

As much as I love CrossFit. I really love Weightlifting. I especially love teaching people how to perform the two movements within the Sport of Weightlifting.

There’s something magical about seeing a Snatch performed with excellence.

I remember the first time I watched Lu Xiaojun SNATCH more weight than I could Squat. I felt like the guy who saw the DOUBLE RAINBOW.  I had to watch it over and over. I had to show all my friends. They didn’t care…  Click on the pic…


I think people see something like a Snatch in a way similar to how someone isn’t impressed with watching the Master’s Golf Tournament. It looks mostly easy… That is until they give it a try for themselves.

Our athletes have to learn the Snatch using a PVC pipe. I assure them that if they can coordinate their body to work through the positions with a PVC pipe that doesn’t weigh anything at all, then using an actual weight will come a lot easier.

Even though they’re all strong enough to easily pull the weight up and over their heads even up to a moderate amount of weight, there’s a big difference between “Strong” and “Snatch Strong”.

The real turning point for all of our athletes is the day they decide to let go of the floor and actually pull themselves under a barbell. They make the conscious choice to trust their body, and their coach. They throw themselves confidently, and fearlessly under a heavy moving object, rejecting the lifelong common sense lie that it’s foolish.

They learn that the “magic” in a Snatch, is merely being confidently foolish.

It makes all the difference for them. Immediately after the first connected rep, they stand up with eyes wide open, and exclaim, “That was so much easier than I would have ever expected!”

And it’s THAT moment when I know we’ll be friends for a long time.

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