Choose It before It Chooses You

Choose It before It Chooses You

Charlie Sims

It’s gonna hurt.

This life will deliver pain. No matter what. It will either be pain that you choose, or pain that chooses you. But the fact of the matter is all of life is about decisions surrounding pain.

What do I mean? You can do the hard thing today. Push for a good sweat. Spend a few dollars on a coach. Invest in a mentor. Put down the fork. Wake up early to invest in yourself before the day gets out of hand. Sacrifice some TV time in order to invest in your spouse, kids, or friends. Put down your phone and spend some time in silence and reflection. Etc…

Walk deliberately into the “pain”, or don’t. If you avoid the sacrifice, it’s just a matter of time until the consequences of those decisions choose you.

There’s a cost to everything, and most of the time the cost is more expensive than you’d prefer. Choosing to avoid the physical, emotional, financial, and schedule pain of investing in your health now will inevitably lead to compounded pain and expense down the road. Avoiding the investment of time and energy with your family, friends, and yourself in favor of checking out in front of the TV or “work”, or piddling on Facebook, may feel better in the moment, but it’s gonna hurt when you wake up and realize that you don’t really know your spouse or kids, and you’re looking at a possible divorce.

It’s simple. You either choose temporary the “pain” of sacrifice, investment, or living according to your priorities, or the crippling consequences that will inevitably choose you.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

My challenge for you today is this. I want you to walk into your pain. Choose it before the consequences choose you.
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