Have you met Ron?

“Hey man, At what percent body fat will I start to see a 6 pack?”

My friend Ron pulled me aside last week and asked me this question.  He was serious.

Apparently, his 8 year old son told him that it was impossible for him to ever get a 6 pack.

That was all the fire that Ron needed in order to keep pushing down on his motivational gas pedal after finishing his initial 6 Week Challenge.  “Just tell me that I can’t do something, and watch me go to work.” He said with a smile on his face.

The Challenge proved to be exactly the catalyst he needed to jumpstart the results was committed to achieving for his life.

Ron dropped 35 pounds in 6 weeks simply by sticking to our customized nutrition plan, set up specifically for his goals and body type, and just showing up to class on a regular basis and doing what our coaches instructed him to do.

And a smart person doesn’t stop doing what’s clearly working, so immediately after completing the Challenge, he decided to continue with us into membership and ride the wave of his success forward.

That was 2 weeks ago, and Ron has already dropped another 5 pounds!  Not to mention that he’s brought basically everyone he knows in here to join the gym. He said,  “Hey, When you fall in love with something, you tend to talk about it. And everybody wants to lose weight!”

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