How Do You Move a Mountain?


by. Charlie Sims

The Situation

The conversation around GOALS can be a big trigger to many of us.

How many times have you gotten all motivated to accomplish something only to spend a couple of weeks, or worse, months trying your best only to be worse off than when you started?

Just recently, I was having a conversationwith a friend of mine who has just found himself at the end of his rope. He was discouraged, frustrated, and exhausted. All of his effort seemed to be, not just ineffective, but counterproductive. “No matter what I try, I just keep gaining weight.”

He was in the pit, and nothing I said seemed to be able to shake him out of it.

He ended our conversation with a depressing, “I’ve decided that my new goal is to weigh 300 pounds. At least that way, I’m pretty confident that I’ll hit it.”

Now, I know that my friend is not alone. I’ve had this same conversation a thousand times over the years.

I deal with this exact same stuff myself.

The Problem

We live in a microwave culture. Everything I want has to be delivered right now. Instant internet in my pocket. I’m hot. I’ll turn on the A/C, and it better work IMMEDIATELY! Amazon Prime is getting too slow for most of us. And God forbid that I have to sit through the same traffic light two times before I get to turn left. Our patience button is broken, and it’s causing us to lose our minds.

We’ve lost the concept of gestation. Growth takes time. Even with fertilizer.

The Possibility

Imagine what would happen if we simply committed to doing a small simple task every day.

A number of months back, a friend of mine shared with me an image of a mountain with the words “You’ve been assigned this mountain to prove that it can be moved.” Immediately, I got overwhelmed and started thinking about Jesus, and miracles, and things like that and totally lost sight of what he was trying to help me see.

Moving a mountain isn’t always a miracle. Sometimes it is. Sometimes you hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th. Sometimes that Hail Mary actually connects. Sometimes you hit the jackpot. Sometimes. But most of the time the “miracle” is way more impossible than Divine intervention. Most of the time the “miracle” is way more boring which is what makes it so surprising.

Lay one sheet of paper on a scale and the weight of it is so insignificant that nothing even registers. Do it again, and again for 1000 sheets of paper, and you’re around 10 pounds. 10,000 sheets is 100 pounds. 1,000,000 sheets is 10,000 pounds.

That is a beautiful track record of insignificance that when consistently piled up crushes the scale.

The way to move a mountain is: One shovel full at a time.

The Path

There’s a phrase being thrown around by all of gurus these days. Some of them are Marketing gurus, others are fitness gurus, still others are financial gurus, etc.. It almost doesn’t matter. The message is the same.

“Trust the Process”

It’s the answer given when the results don’t show up immediately. It’s the social proof necessary to stick with it. It’s the motivation to simply show up and do it again even when the momentum and drive is all but gone.

Trust the Process means throw another sheet of paper onto the scale. Trust the Process means grab the shovel and get to digging. Trust the Process means don’t give up. Even when the evidence seems to indicate that you should.

I would have you consider the possibility that your path to achieving your goal is less about tactics and more about PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY.

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