About Us

What sets us apart?

We want something else to come to your mind when you think about exercise than you get with a traditional gym. We do not have rows of treadmills or ellipticals. We do not have pricey machines that are awkward to use. We will not make you guess what you should be doing when you come in because there will be a handmade workout of the day (WOD) ready for you lead by a CrossFit certified trainer. All you have to do is show up and be a part of it all.

Why CrossFit Regeneration? from CrossFit Regeneration on Vimeo.

3 Distinctive Things Reported About Our Gym :

1) Community

This is the kind of place where you can belong.  We’ve seen some very significant friendships forged along the way, and it’s clear that there is a true affection and camaraderie shared with all of our members.

2) Beginner Friendliness

It truly doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness superstar, or a couch potato.  We’ve been told by countless people that they were terrified to try CrossFit, but were pleasantly surprised when they came here how approachable we made it for them and how helpful the coaches were in preparing them for their workout.  We make a concerted effort to make each and every workout approachable by people from every ability level.

3) Quality Coaching

All of our coaches love to see people get better, and in the safest way possible.  Each one is different and offers a little different perspective.  This gives us plenty of options for helping you to reach your goals!

CrossFit in Louisville

Not long ago, people were asking me “What is CrossFit?”, but now that Louisville is becoming a CrossFit hub with over 20 Affiliates in the area, the question is becoming “Where should I CrossFit?”

“There are as many CrossFit gyms in the Louisville area as there are Starbucks. Each one is similar, but each one is significantly different from the rest. If you’re interested in CrossFit, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which one to go to.”

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For more information email us at crossfitregeneration@gmail.com.