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TNP Episode 1 – What’s the purpose of this podcast?

Top Notch Podcast > Episode 1 – What’s the purpose of this podcast?

Show Notes

Episode 1 is sponsored by the “No Sweat Intro”:¬†

John and Charlie talk about the purpose and aim of this podcast, which includes:

Helping to build our community

  • If you don’t like who you workout with you’ll stop working out.
  • Our coaches and members are amazing.
  • We want to create a safe & comfortable place to come workout.
  • The 3rd Place as a space to hang out.
  • Shanna Clark, “the lighter of butt fires”.
  • Unique camaraderie in the community at CrossFit Regeneration.

Educating our members

  • Highlight specific programs.
  • Interview coaches to get insights.
  • Interview members to get their perspective.

Motivation and inspiration

  • Getting members fired up.
  • Sharing inspirational stories and accomplishments.
  • Story of Coach Korey inspiring John with pro wrestling theme music during a metcon.


  • Keeping the right perspective on our long term goals.
  • Helping 90-year-old you.
  • The most effective way to accomplish your goals.
  • Mimetic desire (as in “I didn’t know I wanted this until I see it as desirable in someone else’s eyes”).
  • John and Charlie need to catch up with Eric and his back squat. ūüėČ

First Time Caller, Long Time Listener

So I listen to a lot of sports talk radio. Mainly it’s local talk about my alma mater, the University of Louisville. It passes my morning drives to downtown quickly. While sitting in traffic if you listen long enough you’ll hear folks who call into these shows say a common phrase: first time caller, long time listener.

So they’re saying “hey, I’m a huge fan of the sports in this town, your radio show in particular, and today the topic is so compelling I’ve overcome my fear for public broadcast systems and have an important contribution to this conversation.” It takes guts to call into these shows and risk sounding like an idiot. Most folks, myself included, would rather sit back, observe and keep our opinions to our buddies in the break room at work.

Well, that was my fitness life in a nutshell until November 2014. A couple¬†weeks ago, as I watched the events of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, I thought of that phrase, “first time caller, long time listener,” because for the first time in my life as an adult I’m actively participating in a real competition that tests my fitness level. I’m watching Ben Smith, Matt Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir go through workouts that test their fitness limits. And when I go into the gym tomorrow I’m going to be doing the same thing they’re doing on ESPN.

2015 Fittest Man in the World, Ben Smith

This is Ben Smith, not me.

Okay, not exactly the same thing. I mean, the amount of weight I push around is much less than theirs¬†and the total number of reps I complete is way lower than theirs. But I’m training the same 10 physical fitness skills (cardiovascular/respiratory, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance & accuracy) that they’re working on using the same movements. I have coaches just like them. I have friends and teammates in the gym cheering me on just like them. I even have the same shoes.

It’s like watching Michael Jordan compete in the NBA finals and running a full court game of basketball with your buddies immediately after its over. Except instead of a basketball I’ve got a 20-pound medicine ball. Instead of a basketball goal I’ve got a Rogue rack with pull-up bars, barbells and hundreds of pounds of bumper plates.

So I’m now that first-time¬†sports radio caller. I’m not going to sit back and listen to the show anymore. My health is on the line. I’ve tried and failed too many times before with other work out plans and fad diets. They’re not sustainable. Turns out that the thing that works best is a willingness to work hard and be coachable. Best part is I’m doing it with folks just like me to struggle the same way I do. They too were once “first time callers, long time listeners” and one of the coolest things is they really enjoy living vicariously through people like me trying all this CrossFit stuff for the first time.

I’m no threat to Ben Smith’s title of 2015’s Fittest Man in the World. But I’m overcoming my fears and participating in this whole CrossFit thing. Even in 8 months, my¬†emotional and physical transformation feels great. Can’t wait to watch the 2016 CrossFit Games so I can look back at my 20-month journey.

Member Spotlight – Julia Hester


We’re excited to introduce August’s Member Spotlight…Julia Hester! Julia is 13 years old and going into the 8th grade. Julia first joined CFR as part of the Homeschool Kids class that was offered in the Fall. Once our Teens program was developed in January, she quickly joined there. Coach KoPo says, “I enjoy Coaching Julia because she has that drive to keep getting better. She realizes her potential and wants to work hard to achieve it. She has a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. She will be the first one to come in and joke about me killing her with the workout but then as soon as the clock starts she flips a switch and it is all focus and drive.

When asked about Julia’s strengths and biggest improvements KoPo replied, “Julia’s biggest improvement has definitely been in her squat. When she first started teens class (February) she could barely squat a 35 pound bar. She was determined to do more but safely. She did all the homework I asked her to do, worked hard on her form and mobility and then all of a sudden a few months later she is seeing numbers past her body weight on the bar. Her strength is in her will to get better, she’s satisfied with her current results but never settles for them, she knows she can get better and she is dedicated to doing just that.”

Julia also took some time to answer questions about her CrossFit experience…
How did you hear about CrossFit and when did you first come to CrossFit Regeneration?
I had actually never heard of CrossFit before I started. My Mom just told me I was going to start taking the Kid’s Class. I came in September of 2014.What was your first experience/WOD?
I was actually 30 minutes late for my first class. I don’t remember what the WOD was. All I remember is how much I hated it.

Experience playing sports or exercising prior to Crossfit?
I was probably the laziest, least active person you could ever imagine before I started CrossFit.

How many days do you CrossFit? What classes do you normally attend?
I go on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s. I attend the 3:00 Teen’s Class.

What motivates you/keeps you coming back to CrossFit Regeneration?
I know I can become better. Even if I have a terrible day, and don’t hit any PR’s, or I’m really slow in the WOD, I know that, over time, I’ll finally hit that PR, or I’ll finish that WOD in 5 minutes less than last time.

Favorite Crossfit accomplishment?
My 100 lb back squat. I felt like I could do anything. It was amazing.

After a hard workout, what is your favorite meal?
I never really have a meal after I workout. But, I always come home and have a protein shake.

What are some of your interests outside of CrossFit?
I love to draw.

What is one goal that you are currently working on?
No-banded pull-ups.

Favorite workout or movements? Least favorite?
I love back squats, front squats, and squats in general. And my least favorite is either pull-ups, or running. They’re always fighting for that top spot on my list.

Advice to someone considering Crossfit for the first time?
Go for it. It’ll be tough at first, and you’ll probably want to quit. But, if you keep at it, there’s no way you won’t get better.