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My Favorite Picture

This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken at my gym. It’s from 2013 and Open workout 13.1. It’s my friend Melvin TheMaverick Hubbard achieving something that was previously impossible to him. And the moment stopped the world from turning for a brief moment in time. Korey, Travis, Matt, Tyler, and myself couldn’t help but take notice and honor him for his effort.
* * * * * *
I’m doing the CrossFit Games Open this year for the 6th time.
Because I do CrossFit.
My wrist is jacked up and I’m out of shape, but I’m still doing the Open. If I were still a runner, I’d do the Derby Triple Crown. But I’m a CrossFitter, so I’m doing the Open.
I do it because this is the one time every year, that the entire CrossFit world is united around the same thing. All across the globe, we all do these 5 workouts with the same expectations and standards. We all experience the high’s and low’s of anticipation when Dave Castro drops the announcement every Thursday night. We all tend to do better than we should have and yet never seem to do as good as we wanted.
After 7 years of doing it, I’m convinced that CrossFit is the best fitness routine in the world, and the Open is my opportunity to participate in the annual celebration of that reality.
You should join me.

5 Days In

What follows are the unfiltered thoughts from one of our newest athletes, Selena.  She has agreed to document her journey through the first month of her CrossFit experience with us at CrossFit Regeneration.  Click HERE to schedule your Free No-Sweat Intro with one of our expert coaches.

5 Days In

Selena Alexander

Five. It’s the number of championship rings former NBA champion Kobe Bryant sports on his fingers; it’s also the number of days a week most of us wake up for jobs that we (hopefully) love; and now it also represents the number of CrossFit classes it took for me to become obsessed with the sport.

I know, it’s early in the game and I’m still in the honeymoon phase of what I hope becomes a long-lasting relationship between CrossFit and I, but seriously, I haven’t felt this empowered in a long time and I’m addicted.

Here are five reasons why you should consider signing up for CrossFit Regeneration’s next round of the New You Challenge:

1) You’re not only working out, you’re learning why you’re working out.
Let’s be real, a lot of us try new workouts because we’re trying to find the quickest way to start looking good naked. When I first met with CrossFit Regeneration owner Charlie Sims, he asked why I was there and I’m fairly certain my exact response was, “I want my ‘college athlete’ body back.” While that’s still true, I keep coming back in large part because every session we learn WHY we’re working out the way we do. Before each class begins, our coaches explain a new concept, like virtuosity, and how it pertains to our workout; giving you a purpose for lacing up your sneakers that’s far more relevant than the attempt to look good on the beach this summer—not that that isn’t important too.

2) No repetition
Sure, we do reps—a lot of them, actually, but no workout is ever duplicated. Obviously I’ve only been going to the gym for a short period of time, but I’ve been assured that with CrossFit, you almost never see the same workout twice, and I appreciate that. It gives you something to look forward to, and you can be certain a different set of muscles will hurt each day.

3) Accountability
At CrossFit Regeneration there is a serious sense of community. In just five hour-long classes, I’ve learned a lot about not only the coaches, but also my classmates, and that’s because we all talk before, during, and after class. Intimidation is often the reason why people shy from working out in group settings, but that feeling, at least for me, is non-existent at Regeneration, and that makes me feel accountable to every one at the Box to show up every single day.

4) The best of both worlds
CrossFit seems to be the perfect combination of group exercise and personal training. While you’re obviously in a class with other people, the coaches still take the time to modify and adjust each person’s movements and field questions from everyone. Because of limited mobility in my arm, I usually have a lot of questions and need exercise modifications, and both are always taken care of seamlessly.

5) It’s just badass
Excuse my language, but honestly, every time I leave CrossFit Regeneration I feel like superwoman. There’s something about the combination of the above reasons that come together to make you feel like you could move a mountain if you had the perfect form in your squat. Swinging kettlebells, hanging from rings, or executing a round of wall balls are simply more fun than jumping on an elliptical for 45 minutes. Trust me on this one.


The “Secret” of the Snatch

The “Secret” of the Snatch

Charlie Sims

Every month, a new batch of CrossFitters show up to my gym and it’s my privilege and responsibility to ensure that they are adequately educated in safety and efficiency within our CrossFit program. In addition to that, I want them to know the “How’s” and “Why’s” of CrossFit, and what it is that we really do.

As much as I love CrossFit. I really love Weightlifting. I especially love teaching people how to perform the two movements within the Sport of Weightlifting.

There’s something magical about seeing a Snatch performed with excellence.

I remember the first time I watched Lu Xiaojun SNATCH more weight than I could Squat. I felt like the guy who saw the DOUBLE RAINBOW.  I had to watch it over and over. I had to show all my friends. They didn’t care…  Click on the pic…


I think people see something like a Snatch in a way similar to how someone isn’t impressed with watching the Master’s Golf Tournament. It looks mostly easy… That is until they give it a try for themselves.

Our athletes have to learn the Snatch using a PVC pipe. I assure them that if they can coordinate their body to work through the positions with a PVC pipe that doesn’t weigh anything at all, then using an actual weight will come a lot easier.

Even though they’re all strong enough to easily pull the weight up and over their heads even up to a moderate amount of weight, there’s a big difference between “Strong” and “Snatch Strong”.

The real turning point for all of our athletes is the day they decide to let go of the floor and actually pull themselves under a barbell. They make the conscious choice to trust their body, and their coach. They throw themselves confidently, and fearlessly under a heavy moving object, rejecting the lifelong common sense lie that it’s foolish.

They learn that the “magic” in a Snatch, is merely being confidently foolish.

It makes all the difference for them. Immediately after the first connected rep, they stand up with eyes wide open, and exclaim, “That was so much easier than I would have ever expected!”

And it’s THAT moment when I know we’ll be friends for a long time.