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Change your Story, Change your life.

Change your Story, Change your life.

Charlie Sims

All of us operate on a basic set of assumptions about the world we live in, and about ourselves within that world. We impose limits on ourselves as to what we think we can do. We even impose limits on what we’re willing to entertain as possible for ourselves. And we miss out on life because of it.

Some of these assumptions are based on legitimate facts. I haven’t tried teleporting lately… Have you?

But others are mere results of a story that we’re telling ourselves about ourselves that may or may not have any real bearing on the facts. “I’ll never be able to sing, so why try?” “I could never be able to date someone like ______.” “That job is out of reach.” And so on…

The story goes: “I haven’t _______” Therfore “I can’t ________”.

Is there a possibility (even a tiny sliver) that the story is false?

Is it possible that your assumption about yourself (story) is a prison that is restricting you from experiencing growth, power, happiness, or life?

Answer the question: What might be possible for me if my assumption about this thing is false?

Watch the prison disappear, and possibility open up.

Stop Stopping

Stop Stopping.

Charlie Sims
I heard the story of a couple who were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary recently. They had spoken about the constant strain that being married to “that man” or “that woman” had on their individual lives, and how over and over each of them had temptations to just give up and split. It would have been so much easier.
But, after sticking with it, both were overjoyed with the countless decisions each of them had made to stay married throughout the years.
“It’s been so worth it.”
There is a prize waiting for you on the other side of your struggle. If you’re like me, you’ve started things multiple times in your life only to give up when times started to get hard or your traction started to give way. Don’t give in! Maybe it’s in your marriage or relationships. Maybe it’s at your job. Maybe it’s with your health (Nutrition & Exercise). Maybe it your spirituality and connection with God. Endure through the tough points, because IT. WILL. BE. WORTH. IT.
Stop Stopping.

Quick Message from CrossFit Regeneration’s Head Coach Charlie

Hey!  It’s Charlie.

I’ve been where you are.

Clicking through all the links in Facebook hoping to find the keys to our prison cell.

We see pretty people talking about how they know how to help you fix your problem.  They have the “secret sauce” to to get you looking and feeling like you want.  Like you’ve been praying for.  Lean, with abs, and a big smile (because we all know that the secret to happiness is a 6 pack…)  But we believe it when we look down and see rolls where abs should be.  We believe it when we remember what it felt like to actually be in shape.  We believe it when we put on clothes that fit us last year.  We believe it when we’re embarrassed to take off our shirt at the pool.

I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

Good first:  You clicked a link.  You filled out a form.  You took action.  That means something!  It scratched an itch that was bothering you. “You never do anything for your health!”  To succeed you’ll need that kind of action, and more.

The Bad news:  Clicking a link doesn’t get you fit…  You know that.  You actually have to do the work.  You have to make sacrifices, organize your life, and go through the long and difficult process.

Imagine for a moment what life would look like for you had you spent the last year doing the work.  Making your health a priority, investing yourself in good nutrition, exercising, proper sleep habits, and so on.  What would your life look like today?  What would your relationships look like?  How would you feel?

We don’t have any “secret sauce”, but we have the coaches and culture that will take you where you’re trying to go.  We’ll hold you accountable to your future reality and set you up to look back a year from now from a place of power instead of pity.

It starts with our 6 week New You Challenge.  That starts October 11th.

Kelly lost 19 pounds, and revived her love for herself.
Gary was about to pass out on his first day and six weeks later stood tall with a big smile on his face.  Can’t see his abs yet, but he’s proud of himself.
Sawyer added over 50 pounds to his Squat and Deadlift.
– And that’s just in 6 weeks.

In a year Bailey has pullups, Mike lost 60 pounds,  John’s knee pain completely vanished, and  Wendy successfully avoided a surgery!

There are many others, but you have a story that we want to tell as well.  You have a story that you want to tell.  It hasn’t been written yet.  It starts on October 11th.  We’re only taking 15 people per class so a total of 30.

So, if you are ready to write your own story.  If you are tired of putting off feeling better, looking better, having more energy, and fully living your life; here’s what I need you to do:

Step 1: Respond to the person who gave you this link.  They’ll get you registered.

Step 2: Confirm your spot with payment.

Step 3: Show up, and keep showing up.  We’ll coach you there.