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What’s The Difference?

What’s the Difference?

Charlie Sims

Does CrossFit work? Is it actually effective? Is it really worth all that money every month?


This is totally up to you.

I’m not passing the buck. As a coach, and mentor; it is my responsibility to ensure that my athletes and members are adequately educated, monitored, motivated, and helped, to achieve their goals. And I take that responsibility seriously.

As a gym, we seek out ways to eliminate potential excuses. Our menu of classes and our schedule is incredibly broad and allows for just about any work schedule. We provide childcare to parents so that they can get in a great workout. We have a variety of programs available so that people can find the perfect plan for their goals.

We also post new content on a nearly daily basis in the form of Videos, Podcasts, and Articles in the hopes of providing the perspective, education, motivation, and examples to help our members feel informed.

We do everything in our power to set our members up for success.

I could tell story after story of incredible success with CrossFit, as well as success in our other programs.

But, sadly, some don’t succeed.

Why? What’s the difference between those people who thrive, and those who fumble?


Does any of this sound familiar?

“I really want to come to the gym, but I’m just too busy.”
“I really want to get a workout in, but I just can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning.”
“I really want to lose this belly, but I also really want to eat this pizza.”
If you want to succeed, you have to be undeterred. You have to be impervious to the speed bumps of life. Nothing can stand in your way.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. All it takes is re-arranging your priorities to align with your goals.

The difference between success and failure will ultimately come down to whether you’re willing to put your own health as a priority.

If you are unwilling to do that, you will fail.

There’s no such thing as microwave abs, no genie waiting to grant you a wish for a stronger back, no cheat-code for self-discipline.

You have to make the decision for your health Every. Single. Day.



Charlie Sims

We were in the middle of Friday Night Lights which is a weekly party we hold at the gym during the annual CrossFit Games Open competition. This year’s second workout, 16.2, had been announced and was proving to be an opportunity for us to come face to face with our own heart, and this Friday night, CrossFit Regeneration was filled with excitement, fire, and struggle.

The workout consists of a series of checkpoints, which if the athlete completes the required task, they unlock an opportunity to continue. If they don’t, their workout stops.

With each checkpoint, the athlete is required to do 25 toes to bar, and 50 jump rope double unders. Once this is completed there is a series of weights to be lifted using a squat clean. The weight increases with each round while the required reps decrease. More details can be found HERE.

I don’t brag on my sweet wife enough.

She’s my best friend, my partner, and my love. She impacts how I see the world around me more than any other person I know. I can’t imagine my life without her.

Friday night, she became my inspiration.

Kari had been dealing with a bit of shoulder pain for a couple days and wasn’t totally sure how it would hold up during all the toes to bar during the workout, so she spent a lot of extra attention on it during her warm-up, and I remember her saying, “I just wanna get into it and see how it goes. If it hurts, I’ll quit.”

So the clock started, and she had 4 minutes to get through 25 toes to bar, of which she handled easily, and when she grabbed her jump rope, she smiled at me. Game on!

Toes to Bar and Double Unders are among the things that Kari is especially gifted at. So, for her, the challenge would be all about the Squat Cleans. Her lifetime max is 140 pounds. The weights for the workout would be pretty heavy for her. But she methodically popped off the 15 reps at 85 pounds one at a time, and finished the first checkpoint with plenty of time to spare.

90 reps in.

She then quickly dispatched with the 25 toes to bar, and 50 double unders and came to her bar for 13 squat cleans at 115 pounds. Just a few reps here would be a pretty good performance for her, but she started knocking out one rep after another. Each one looked like it might crush her, and a couple did.

imageAnd with only 15 seconds left before the time cap, she had 2 reps to go. The whole gym was screaming at her to get going. She fought one up. 7 seconds left. She grabbed the bar, heaved it up, caught it in the squat, and fought. We celebrated.

178 reps in.

Kari’s reward for her victory?

Twenty-five more toes to bar. These were a bit tougher but she managed them fine.

Fifty more double unders. Unbroken as usual.

She had about 30 seconds to try and clean 145 pounds. My sweet, beautiful, wife staggered to the bar, and pulled with everything she had. It was a beautiful clean pull, but no squat clean.


Afterward she was laughing. “You guys were yelling at me to pick up the bar, but I could barely pick up myself”.

My wife is my hero.

She didn’t win the workout. Across the world, many women finished that round and moved on to two more rounds and even heavier barbells. An impressive feat. But last Friday night Kari Sims stood over them all.