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3 Tips to Better Sleep

3 Tips to Better Sleep

Charlie Sims

1) Find a consistent rhythm. Try to go to sleep and wake up at around the same time every day.

2) Pray and Meditate. Find a place to put all those random thoughts that seem to find you once your head hits the pillow.

3) Exercise every day. Seek to finish each day physically exhausted.

Everybody knows these things, but most of us aren’t willing to apply them. We’re self-justifiers to the core. “This instance is unique.” “My situation is special.” “That doesn’t work for me.”

Don’t believe the stories that you want to keep telling yourself.

It could be about something as simple as sleep, or as complex as marriage. Most of the time, it’s not more information that we need. We have, in our phones, a collection of all the information ever compiled, and we’re still failing. We just need to put to use some of that information in a strategic manner.

Part of my job as a coach is to vet the information and present the most relevant stuff to the person I’m coaching. And then hold them accountable to doing what they’ve said they want to do.

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2 Habits to Start Today

A lot of you guys have been asking me about 2 of my recent nutrition habits. So, here’s the scoop.

I drink a green smoothie Every. Single. Day. Every day. And I feel fantastic. It happens in one of two ways.

Best Option: 6-10 Oz Spinach, 2-3 Oz Kale, 8 Strawberries, 2 Tbsp Orange Juice Concentrate, 1 Scoop vanilla Whey Protein powder, and a banana, all blended. I freeze everything but the banana, and the protein. And I drink it throughout the day. (Usually at night, I share a little. Just ask Robin Berry) Also, ever so slowly, I’m planning on removing the sweets from it.

Alternative Option: Powder green supplement. Currently, I’m using Athletic Greens, but in years past have just gone with Amazing Grass.

I started the powders about 5 years ago when Moira C Fauth gave me a baggy filled with green powder (sketch…). My allergies are almost completely gone, and I’ve been legitimately sick only 2 times. I just added the smoothies within the last 8 months, and it’s upgraded my morning energy levels, and ability to focus.

I still struggle with eating right. I can totally relate to the struggle that many of you deal with on a daily basis. Sometimes, it feels like my self control button is broken. So I have been experimenting with purchasing pre-made meals. Still getting the timing down so that I don’t ever run out, but it’s working, and relatively affordable.

I’m using a service called

The meals are yummy, have a constant variety (just like CrossFitters like), and fit nicely into a solid nutrition program. I’ll have some for sale here at the gym for $10 bucks if you want to give one a try.

Do this. Experiment with stuff. Report back.

Should I Wear My Lifters?

Should I wear my Lifters?

Charlie Sims

Every single day, I get a question from my athletes about footwear.

Should I wear my lifters for this WOD?

I’d like to take the next half page and offer my perspective on weightlifting shoes.

If a football player walked up to me before practice and asked if he should wear cleats, I’d tell him that it would be dumb not to. Those shoes are made specifically for football, and anything different would put him at a disadvantage and potentially in danger of an injury.

If a weightlifter walked over from our weightlifting platform and asked if she should wear her lifters for her lifting session, I’d tell her the same thing I told the football player. Those shoes are made specifically for the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. They offer a distinct advantage for both leverage as well as stability. The joint angles are easier and more comfortable for the lifter when wearing those weightlifting specific shoes.

For the CrossFitter, the question becomes a little more cloudy, which is why I get this question on a daily basis.

We do a whole lot of weightlifting in CrossFit. Sometimes it happens in somewhat of a vacuum. If this is the case, lifter away! If all you’re doing is Snatch or Clean and Jerks, there’s no reason not to utilize those expensive shoes that you bought to look cool.

But, we now have shoes made specifically for our sport. At this point in the CrossFit timeline, here are so many options available to us that it’s almost exhausting. Essentially they’re all pretty similar. They’re made to be stable and durable, as well as offer some kind of benefit within a broad range of activities. Some of those activities will include the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

So, maybe I’ll offer a quick and easy guide to the “should I wear my lifters” question.

Are you doing CrossFit? No. Don’t wear lifters.
Are you doing Weightlifting? Yes. Wear your lifters.

Besides, running and snatches will eventually show up together in the same workout, and your time will definitely suffer if you’re spending half your time changing shoes.