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Have you met Ron?

“Hey man, At what percent body fat will I start to see a 6 pack?”

My friend Ron pulled me aside last week and asked me this question.  He was serious.

Apparently, his 8 year old son told him that it was impossible for him to ever get a 6 pack.

That was all the fire that Ron needed in order to keep pushing down on his motivational gas pedal after finishing his initial 6 Week Challenge.  “Just tell me that I can’t do something, and watch me go to work.” He said with a smile on his face.

The Challenge proved to be exactly the catalyst he needed to jumpstart the results was committed to achieving for his life.

Ron dropped 35 pounds in 6 weeks simply by sticking to our customized nutrition plan, set up specifically for his goals and body type, and just showing up to class on a regular basis and doing what our coaches instructed him to do.

And a smart person doesn’t stop doing what’s clearly working, so immediately after completing the Challenge, he decided to continue with us into membership and ride the wave of his success forward.

That was 2 weeks ago, and Ron has already dropped another 5 pounds!  Not to mention that he’s brought basically everyone he knows in here to join the gym. He said,  “Hey, When you fall in love with something, you tend to talk about it. And everybody wants to lose weight!”

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That was Terrible. That was Awesome.

12.1 was my first ever workout in the CrossFit Open. This was before Project Teamwork, and there were all of 6 of us participating that year.

I can remember the fear and apprehension that I felt as we sat there around our little computer waiting for Dave Castro to give us our task. We had built it up into something horrible like a “Triple-Fran” or something like that. The butterfly’s were fluttering in my stomach, and the minutes felt like hours.

I’d been doing CrossFit for a little over 2 years at that point, and was absolutely terrified.

“Just get to it!”

8:00pm hit, and the CrossFit Games live feed came on, super grainy and pixelated. We’ve come a long way since 2012…

Dave Castro walks out, and welcomes everyone to the 2012 CrossFit Open. He was wearing some outrageous T-shirt, and had a Devil’ish grin on his face.

“Open workout 12.1 is…..”

An enormous pregnant pause where I immediately realized how bad I had to pee..

“7 minute AMRAP of….”

Another pause


Then that turd smiled!



I remember thinking, I can do this!

Then I did it.

I think I got 25 burpees in the first minute. After that, well…

I got 99 reps. Never has such a simple task provided for me quite so much misery.

It was terrible.

It was awesome.

This is what makes the Open such a magical thing. Just a simple workout that you’re willing to put yourself into a very uncomfortable place. I love it.

By the way, if you don’t sign up, you can never truly understand what I’m talking about. And it’s very likely that you’ll never really know what you’re capable of.

My Favorite Picture

This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken at my gym. It’s from 2013 and Open workout 13.1. It’s my friend Melvin TheMaverick Hubbard achieving something that was previously impossible to him. And the moment stopped the world from turning for a brief moment in time. Korey, Travis, Matt, Tyler, and myself couldn’t help but take notice and honor him for his effort.
* * * * * *
I’m doing the CrossFit Games Open this year for the 6th time.
Because I do CrossFit.
My wrist is jacked up and I’m out of shape, but I’m still doing the Open. If I were still a runner, I’d do the Derby Triple Crown. But I’m a CrossFitter, so I’m doing the Open.
I do it because this is the one time every year, that the entire CrossFit world is united around the same thing. All across the globe, we all do these 5 workouts with the same expectations and standards. We all experience the high’s and low’s of anticipation when Dave Castro drops the announcement every Thursday night. We all tend to do better than we should have and yet never seem to do as good as we wanted.
After 7 years of doing it, I’m convinced that CrossFit is the best fitness routine in the world, and the Open is my opportunity to participate in the annual celebration of that reality.
You should join me.