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Change your Story, Change your life.

Change your Story, Change your life.

Charlie Sims

All of us operate on a basic set of assumptions about the world we live in, and about ourselves within that world. We impose limits on ourselves as to what we think we can do. We even impose limits on what we’re willing to entertain as possible for ourselves. And we miss out on life because of it.

Some of these assumptions are based on legitimate facts. I haven’t tried teleporting lately… Have you?

But others are mere results of a story that we’re telling ourselves about ourselves that may or may not have any real bearing on the facts. “I’ll never be able to sing, so why try?” “I could never be able to date someone like ______.” “That job is out of reach.” And so on…

The story goes: “I haven’t _______” Therfore “I can’t ________”.

Is there a possibility (even a tiny sliver) that the story is false?

Is it possible that your assumption about yourself (story) is a prison that is restricting you from experiencing growth, power, happiness, or life?

Answer the question: What might be possible for me if my assumption about this thing is false?

Watch the prison disappear, and possibility open up.

Stop Stopping

Stop Stopping.

Charlie Sims
I heard the story of a couple who were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary recently. They had spoken about the constant strain that being married to “that man” or “that woman” had on their individual lives, and how over and over each of them had temptations to just give up and split. It would have been so much easier.
But, after sticking with it, both were overjoyed with the countless decisions each of them had made to stay married throughout the years.
“It’s been so worth it.”
There is a prize waiting for you on the other side of your struggle. If you’re like me, you’ve started things multiple times in your life only to give up when times started to get hard or your traction started to give way. Don’t give in! Maybe it’s in your marriage or relationships. Maybe it’s at your job. Maybe it’s with your health (Nutrition & Exercise). Maybe it your spirituality and connection with God. Endure through the tough points, because IT. WILL. BE. WORTH. IT.
Stop Stopping.

How do you get from Louisville to Miami?

How do you get from Louisville to Miami?

Charlie Sims

Frustration. Anger. Discouragement. Disappointment. Depression. Etc…

How do you feel when you set out on a mission to get fit, and after a week/month/year run into major friction. This is a waste of my time! This is never going to work! I can’t do this! I quit!

I have hit that wall on multiple occasions within my own personal fitness journey. In fact, I’m constantly hitting friction. I’m trying to push through a big wall today. You’re not lonely in your fight. You’re not lonely in your frustration. The friction hits us from all directions. And hear me when I say this:

  *   *   *   THERE IS HOPE!   *   *   *

We have a path for you to follow. We have been helping people break down their walls and smooth out the friction for years. The process works IF you work the process.

I’ve discovered that there are 4 basic types of people in my gym. And who you are in a given situation will dictate the specific need we will have meet in your life to help you succeed. I’ll use a travel example to help this make sense.

Person #1
Person #1 feels lost, confused, and without direction. They looked in the mirror and decided that something needs to change, but don’t have any idea what to do next. This person, needs information. They need a plan. They need knowledge.

This person wants to travel from Louisville to Miami, but has never left the comforts of home. We explain the options of: car travel, bus travel, or flying; and give advice on the benefits and drawbacks of each option, and hold their hand through the process.

Our role and responsibility as coaches is to deliver a simplified plan for this person to follow. We need to filter out all the unnecessary jargon and fluff, and help them with a plan.

Person #2
Person #2 has all the information. They could even teach it, but they’re not doing anything with it. They don’t need any more information. They need to ACT on that knowledge.

They know that the most efficient and enjoyable method of travel from Louisville to Miami will happen through the air. They have the itinerary, the ticket, even the hotel in Miami. Our job is to push them out the door and onto their plane. We hold them to their plan.

Instead of delivering a mere plan, our job here is to provide Motivation through Accountability. To offer the gift of leverage. This person just needs to get to work, and we should be holding them to it.

Person #3
Person #3 is already hard at work. They are going as hard as they can, but for one reason or another, the results they’re getting just don’t line up with their goals. It may be a result of misinformation, or self-sabotage, or something else all together, but the fact remains that they are motivated, and are hustling hard, but aren’t getting what they want out of it.

If, on the plane flying to Miami, we realize that instead, we’re moving in the direction of Washington D.C., we don’t just jump out of the plane, or head back to Louisville, and we definitely don’t try to make the plane go faster toward the wrong destination! We merely turn the wheel in the direction of Miami.

We don’t just tell this person to try harder. They can’t do that. Instead, they need Course-Correction. Our job as coaches is to look at the data, and work with your desires, and to offer some outside perspective to help you aim your effort in a direction that will give you your desired outcome.

Person #4
This person is doing the work, and getting the exact results that they want. Their plan is working perfectly, and they’re loving every minute of it. They don’t need more information. They don’t need more accountability. They don’t need course-correction. They need to keep doing what’s working!

The plane is moving at top speed straight toward the beautiful beaches of Miami. Don’t move the wheel at all!

We come in as coaches and provide Motivation through Encouragement. We remind them that their effort is producing the desired outcome! We’re not going to give any new information, or perspective. That would risk changing direction and therefore changing the outcome. If it is not broken, we’re not going to fix it. Don’t expect us to Sabatoge your progress.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that the same individual may be all four “Persons” in different situations at the same time, and the better communication we have with you will dictate the quickness of our ability to provide the unique need for your situation.

There is much more to be said here, but the fact remains that the Friction you’re feeling with getting results is something that we are more that equipped to help you with. There is no need to get frustrated, angry, discouraged, disappointed, or depressed. And you definitely don’t have to go through it alone!

Come talk to us! We do this because we love you.