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A Better Way

A Better Way

Charlie Sims

New Years is only a couple days away; and every year, as the calendar graduates into another setting, we see it as a time to reset, to take inventory, and to make changes to our lives that we hope will benefit us throughout the next year. We call these New Year’s Resolutions. And they have a stinky stigma, especially in the fitness world.

“This is the year that I get it together!”

“I’m going to lose weight!”

“I’m going to eat healthy!”

“I’m going to join the gym!”

The story tends to go like this. We spend the last quarter of the year indulging in all the pleasures of the holidays, and limp into New Year’s feeling gross, fed up, and ready for a change. We make big, sweeping statements called “resolutions” in the hopes that our boldness will result in additional motivation to stay on course. And then we set out on January 1st with a plan, fire under our butts, and great intentions. Then gyms all over America are filled to bursting capacity for January and occasionally a few weeks into February. And eventually… We forget. We get distracted. We get frustrated. We get other priorities. We give up. And the cycle continues.

I want to offer an alternative story. Stick with it, and you may never look back.

I think that the flaw of New Year’s Resolutions is that at this point, it’s assumed that you are going to fail. They’re like a last second “Hail Mary”, or a close your eyes and swing as hard as you can, or a full court buzzer beater. Occasionally, the miracle works, and you’re a hero, but it’s not scientifically proven. It’s luck. It’s accidental.

Your life and mine are too important to leave to an accident.

I am here to propose a Challenge based lifestyle, complete with specific targets, leverage, and a timeline.

The year can be broken down into four, ninety day challenges. Ninety Days is a short enough time frame to minimize the fear and risk in our minds of wasting our effort on something that won’t work, but long enough to see real results from our investment. Companies have used these “Quarters” to gauge success markers forever. Why should we try and use years instead?

Specific Targets
“I will get in shape” is almost completely meaningless. It’s subjective and therefore un motivating. It creates outcomes that consist of words like “maybe” and “kinda”. As Americans, we believe in the power or wins and losses. We love to win and hate to lose.

Greg Glassman famously said that “A man will die for a point.” It’s incredibly motivating. This is why we create specific targets. They’re not based on feelings, but instead come down to facts. We’re looking for YES or NO, never Maybe. Maybe is the weak person’s way of saying “no” without feeling like a failure.

The Chicago Cubs are the best team in major league baseball. There is no maybe. They won the World Series. And it will be theirs until someone else wins it. Clear Target with a Measurable Outcome.

Examples of Specific Targets.
“I will do CrossFit at least 3 days per week (36 times) between 1/1 & 3/31.”
“I will train for and run the Papa John’s 10 miler on 4/1 with a time under 80 minutes.”
“I will drink at least 75 green smoothies before 4/1.”

These are specific targets that mean something. At the end of 90 days, it will be clear whether you’ve won or lost. They’re measurable, trackable, and attainable.

What will happen if you lose, quit, or come up short? This is the leverage necessary to keep the fire of motivation raging. The relative pain of continuing must be less than that of quitting. Leave yourself no alternative. The decision must already be made for you even when you’re not motivated, even when you’re anti-motivated. You will do the work necessary to hit your target or you will die trying because that penalty is unacceptable.

Examples of leverage.
“I will…. OR I will donate $1000 dollars to the Communists.”
“I will…. OR for one month, I will change my facebook profile picture to one of me without a shirt on.”
“For every deviation from the plan, I lose a week of coffee.”

Finally, you have to get a team of Supporters who will hold you ACCOUNTABLE. These trusted individuals will commit to ask you the hard questions. They know your outcomes, and your leverages. They have that shirtless picture of you, or your $1000 check written out to the communists, and a commitment to be on your team when things get tough. It will help if these people have similar Targets as well.

I’m committed to seeing you succeed. Consider this my invitation to you to come check out CrossFit Regeneration. We have years of experience helping people hit those Targets!  To Schedule your Free 20 minute consultation click HERE.

Why Do We Fail?

Why Do We Fail?

Charlie Sims

“Man, I see in Fight Club the strongest and smartest men who have ever lived. I see all this potential. And I see it squandered.” – Tyler Durden, “Fight Club” (1999)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the drivers for our success, and the possible reasons for our failures. What follows are my slightly unfiltered thoughts offered for your consideration.

Who is responsible for your success? Who is at fault for your failure?

As your coach and the owner of your gym, it is at least partially my responsibility to keep the carrot dangling out there in front of you, and help you stay motivated to get your butt in gear. And I take that responsibility very seriously. Many of you over the years, have chased that carrot with unrelenting fire and ambition, and I’m so proud of you!

But the real truth of the matter comes down to the fact that nobody can take the credit for your hard work and dedication, but you. I provided the opportunity, the path, and the help along the way, but you chose to follow it. You chose to stick with it even when things got hard, even when you had legitimate excuses to give up. You earned your results. You get the credit.

On the other side of things sits a growing number of people who want to create a story around why they’ve failed. These stories are called “Excuses”. Sadly, we all do it. The problem with this behavior is we actually believe that our stories are true and therefore, justifiable reasons why our situation is unique and different, and why our failure to produce is understandable. “If you only knew what I had to go through, you’d understand why I can’t get to the gym, and put in the work required for me to get me what I want.”

That is totally false. Everyone knows it, even you. If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen. You will make every sacrifice necessary to reach that future bright spot. For example, this past weekend, there was a man with no arms and no legs who went through the SealFit KOKORO 20X Experience. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Imagine doing it with stumps for arms and legs, and then try and justify your “excuse”.

We all have a choice. We can choose to have RESULTS, or we can choose to have STORIES. Both require a commitment. One is a commitment to doing everything necessary to accomplish what we want; while the other is a commitment to saving face, to keep alive the fantasy that we’re not really failing. Both require a relentless pursuit. The choice is yours.

I realize that this feels a bit harsh. That is my point. I love you enough to say the hard thing when it needs to be said. You told me what you wanted. Some of you want a renewed confidence wearing a swimsuit, others are in it for health, still others have a life of functional ability in mind. Maybe it’s your older self enjoying a life that is more fun, less painful, and less expensive than it otherwise could be. Either you really want it, or you just want to want it. I don’t know. All I know is THAT is what you told me. And I intend on holding you to the integrity of your word.

Either you can have your dream, or you can have your series of excuses. Either you can do the work, or you can tell yourself the reason why you didn’t. You can’t have both.

So what is the way forward?

Take full responsibility for yourself. Realize that your Stories are nothing more than the lies that you’ve created to protect yourself from experiencing the pain and embarrassment that comes from failure. Stop Lying. You’re telling yourself story after story about your situation, and making up fantasies that justify the fact that you’ve given up. Own it. Embrace reality. Make the change.

There are obstacles constructed around each and every one of us that we all have to overcome if we want to succeed. They may be enormous, seemingly unconquerable, and nearly impossible challenges, or they may just be slight inconveniences. But, the responsibility is still ultimately yours. Your busy schedule isn’t keeping you from your results, you are. Your boss isn’t keeping you from your results, you are. Your genetics aren’t keeping you from your results, you are. Your budget isn’t keeping you from your results, you are. Are these obstacles and challenges that must be overcome? Absolutely. Do you need to make sacrifices to overcome them? Yep. Will it be hard? You know it. Will it be worth it? Absolutely.

Finally, we’re here to help YOU overcome YOUR obstacles. No judgment, just help. Remember, the only failure is giving up.

So, here is what I want you to do.

If you are currently a member at CrossFit Regeneration, invest $50 bucks in yourself by scheduling a half-hour meeting with me. We’ll look at your life through the lens of Reality, and chart a path toward getting you exactly what you want.  This kind of consultation is only available to current CrossFit Regeneration members.

If you’re a former member at CrossFit Regeneration; either because you quit when things got tough, or you got distracted by a shiny object, or you temporarily decided to change your priorities, we’re still here for you. We’ll welcome you back with open arms, and get you back on the path toward getting what it was that got the ball rolling for you in the first place. Send me an email. I’ll get you set up.

If you’ve never been a member of CrossFit Regeneration, we’re equipped to set your body on fire. You don’t know what you’re capable of, and it’s our job to set your inner athlete free. We’re very good at that. But know that we can’t do the work for you. It will be a long, difficult climb, but when you see the view from the top, you’ll never want to come down. If you’re willing to put in the work, you won’t recognize yourself a year from now.

Feel free to share this with someone who needs it. I can be reached at

Choose It before It Chooses You

Choose It before It Chooses You

Charlie Sims

It’s gonna hurt.

This life will deliver pain. No matter what. It will either be pain that you choose, or pain that chooses you. But the fact of the matter is all of life is about decisions surrounding pain.

What do I mean? You can do the hard thing today. Push for a good sweat. Spend a few dollars on a coach. Invest in a mentor. Put down the fork. Wake up early to invest in yourself before the day gets out of hand. Sacrifice some TV time in order to invest in your spouse, kids, or friends. Put down your phone and spend some time in silence and reflection. Etc…

Walk deliberately into the “pain”, or don’t. If you avoid the sacrifice, it’s just a matter of time until the consequences of those decisions choose you.

There’s a cost to everything, and most of the time the cost is more expensive than you’d prefer. Choosing to avoid the physical, emotional, financial, and schedule pain of investing in your health now will inevitably lead to compounded pain and expense down the road. Avoiding the investment of time and energy with your family, friends, and yourself in favor of checking out in front of the TV or “work”, or piddling on Facebook, may feel better in the moment, but it’s gonna hurt when you wake up and realize that you don’t really know your spouse or kids, and you’re looking at a possible divorce.

It’s simple. You either choose temporary the “pain” of sacrifice, investment, or living according to your priorities, or the crippling consequences that will inevitably choose you.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

My challenge for you today is this. I want you to walk into your pain. Choose it before the consequences choose you.
If you have any questions, or need help with this, I’d be happy to let you buy me a cup of coffee and we can talk.