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Saying Good Bye

Saying Good Bye

Charlie Sims

My wife Kari says that Good bye’s are a result of the Fall in the Garden of Eden. She thinks that we were never meant to separate, and that relationships were meant to go on forever. And that’s why the experience of saying good bye feels so foreign to us, no matter how many times we go through it.

The reality of living this life, though, is that good bye’s are part of the game. Job changes, moves, and circumstances happen that force this experience on us. And as foreign and sad as they are; they force us to consider the impact that a friend has made on our life. We think about how that friend’s presence in our life forced us to see life, at least in little ways, through their eyes. We’re different because of them. Even in good bye, we’re taking a part of them with us and hopefully leaving a small part of us with them.

We had to say good bye to one of our coaches yesterday.

imageCoach Zach, the “Zombie Commander” is flying away as I type this article, for an incredible job opportunity overseas.

So in our own little way, we said good bye.

Zach, you made this gym better.

You brought and eye for detail, organization, and excellence that we didn’t know before.

Your love for movement and precision has pervaded our whole culture at Regen.

You’re built to succeed, and we’re grateful for the investment you’ve made here.

I hope that in small and large ways, we’ve rubbed off on you as much as you have on us.

We love you and we’ll miss you.

Good bye’s hurt. They’re unnatural, and I think Kari’s right. They aren’t meant to be. So take advantage of the time you have with your loved ones. Linger a little. Say what needs to be said. Be loyal and true. Don’t say good bye unless you absolutely have to.