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TNP Episode 1 – What’s the purpose of this podcast?

Top Notch Podcast > Episode 1 – What’s the purpose of this podcast?

Show Notes

Episode 1 is sponsored by the “No Sweat Intro”:

John and Charlie talk about the purpose and aim of this podcast, which includes:

Helping to build our community

  • If you don’t like who you workout with you’ll stop working out.
  • Our coaches and members are amazing.
  • We want to create a safe & comfortable place to come workout.
  • The 3rd Place as a space to hang out.
  • Shanna Clark, “the lighter of butt fires”.
  • Unique camaraderie in the community at CrossFit Regeneration.

Educating our members

  • Highlight specific programs.
  • Interview coaches to get insights.
  • Interview members to get their perspective.

Motivation and inspiration

  • Getting members fired up.
  • Sharing inspirational stories and accomplishments.
  • Story of Coach Korey inspiring John with pro wrestling theme music during a metcon.


  • Keeping the right perspective on our long term goals.
  • Helping 90-year-old you.
  • The most effective way to accomplish your goals.
  • Mimetic desire (as in “I didn’t know I wanted this until I see it as desirable in someone else’s eyes”).
  • John and Charlie need to catch up with Eric and his back squat. 😉