New You/Foundations Program

CrossFit can be hard. If you’re someone who is fresh off the couch or just new to CrossFit as a fitness practice, things can feel pretty intimidating to jump into a room full of seasoned animals who all seem to know what they’re doing.

That’s why we are starting everyone out with our New You/Foundations Program. Everyone starts together! You’ll be in a room full of people just like you!

The next group will start on Tuesday, September 12th! You can choose 6am or 1030am…If you ready to claim one of these spots, email and he will get you set up.

Over the course of 12 sessions, our excellent coaches will educate you on all the in’s and out’s of CrossFit and how we will help you get into the best shape of your life.  You’ll learn everything about safety and technique to all of the most common exercises that we do in CrossFit. You’ll learn about the Why’s and How’s of CrossFit and all the conceptual stuff that goes into the effectiveness of our program. From Nutrition to Exercise Science, our New You/Foundations Program will set you up for success. All of this will be done in the context of a fun and engaging environment!

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New You Challenge FAQ’s

When will the class meet?

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at either 6:00 am or 10:30 am.

How much does it cost?

CrossFit is best when shared, so we want to give you a little incentive to come with friends!
If it’s only you the class is $250.  If you bring a friend, it’s $200 a piece (that’s $25 off for each of you).

What if I want to start in the middle of the month?

We appreciate your enthusiasm, but the classes start when they do.  We have found that this is the safest and most responsible way to get started.  We would advise recruiting some friends to start with you the following month.  If you’re chomping at the bit and can’t wait, we’d be willing to offer a personal training option of 5 sessions for $250. We also have other programs (MissFits and Spartan School) that can be started at anytime.

I’ve already been through a similar thing at another CrossFit Gym, Do I still have to start here?

Not necessarily, but maybe.  Not all CrossFit gyms are the same.  We’ll need to meet with you to determine your readiness for our system. Click here to schedule a chat with a coach and we’ll be sure to find the best fit for your goals and experience.

I am in terrible shape.  Can I still do this?

Yep! We have excellent coaches who are well prepared to help you have the perfect workout for your ability level!  Fear not!  But if you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask!