MissFit Program

Beginner and Advanced CrossFit Classes for Women!

MissFit is a CrossFit program designed especially for women, providing a less-intimidating experience especially for those who are new to CrossFit or just easing back into a workout regimen.

Our MissFit Beginner Class runs on a rotating 8 week schedule and meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays at 9:30am. It will focus on establishing core strength, increasing cardiovascular capacity, and overall functional body strength through bootcamp style exercises. No worries if you haven’t participated in a class like this before! Each exercise can be scaled to fit each individual at their own challenge level.

Our Advanced MissFit class meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays from 2pm-3pm. This is a high-intensity, core-focused program. You may find that this program offers a higher emphasis on cardio than our regular CrossFit program, but weight lifting movements are also taught and improved upon. Workouts are constantly varied which means every workout challenges you and ensures progress.

Cost is $65 a month. Free to CFR members.  Childcare is also provided for a small fee ($15/month for 1 or $25/month for 2 or more).

Why our MissFit Class may work for you:

(Please Note: Our very first “women only” beginner class was an 8 week class designed for new and postpartum moms which is what this video features. Eventually this expanded to Mom Classes and finally to the MissFit program open to all women!)

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