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Our Fitness Family

We have something very special going on here and many of you are noticing it. We have friendships forged that would have never taken place in any other world. Each and every member and guest is supported and encouraged throughout the workout and many of you are doing the hard work of welcoming and embracing people you don’t know. Our members have made this place what it is. It’s because of our members and their willingness to buy in to the vision of uniting around health, fitness, community and fun. The fun part of it all is that we are getting better at CrossFit (and probably other stuff as well!). Most of our members started coming purely for the CrossFit. They wanted to get in shape or lose some weight or learn muscle-ups, but they have stuck around because with CrossFit they have not only achieved some goals, but they have experienced a community. If it were just about the CrossFit, then our members wouldn’t have stayed. They can do a lot of this stuff by themselves in a park or their garage, but they stay because here, they’re with their people. They belong to something bigger.

Our Coaches

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Our coaches are the best! We’re biased, but it doesn’t mean we’re wrong. Learn more about each coach!

Join Our Family & Experience It For Yourself

We have an active community in the gym and in our Facebook Group. We’d love to have you join us. Check out our Facebook page for more information or setup a “No Sweat” Intro to chat with one of our coaches.

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