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CrossFit Regeneration Blog

Have you met Ron? (4/25/2018) - “Hey man, At what percent body fat will I start to see a 6 pack?” My friend Ron pulled me aside last week and asked me this question.  He was serious. Apparently, his 8 year old son told him that it was impossible for him to ever get a 6 pack. That was all the…

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How Do You Move a Mountain? (4/24/2018) -   by. Charlie Sims The Situation The conversation around GOALS can be a big trigger to many of us. How many times have you gotten all motivated to accomplish something only to spend a couple of weeks, or worse, months trying your best only to be worse off than when you started? Just recently, I…

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3 Tips to Better Sleep (2/14/2017) - 3 Tips to Better Sleep Charlie Sims 1) Find a consistent rhythm. Try to go to sleep and wake up at around the same time every day. 2) Pray and Meditate. Find a place to put all those random thoughts that seem to find you once your head hits the pillow. 3) Exercise every day.…

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The Good Old Days (2/13/2017) - I’m sitting here thinking back to when I first started CrossFit, and I’m getting all nostalgic…   Things are different now. Not bad, just different.   Early on, my buddies and I just built our own equipment. We had homemade wall balls, and homemade kettlebells, and our own pullup bars made out of galvanized pipe…

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That was Terrible. That was Awesome. (2/9/2017) - 12.1 was my first ever workout in the CrossFit Open. This was before Project Teamwork, and there were all of 6 of us participating that year. I can remember the fear and apprehension that I felt as we sat there around our little computer waiting for Dave Castro to give us our task. We had…

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My Favorite Picture (2/8/2017) - This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken at my gym. It’s from 2013 and Open workout 13.1. It’s my friend Melvin TheMaverick Hubbard achieving something that was previously impossible to him. And the moment stopped the world from turning for a brief moment in time. Korey, Travis, Matt, Tyler, and myself couldn’t help…

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When we say “come get in fantastic shape with your future best friends”, we mean it. We believe that a supportive gym community and caring, experienced coaches will help hold you accountable to your fitness goals and make working out a more enjoyable experience. No matter what your current fitness level is, friendships will flourish from the encouragement you get every day at CrossFit Regeneration. Take a closer look at our fitness family on our Community page.

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